What Does a Claybar Do Exactly?

The surface of your automobile will be constantly getting subjected to to air-borne pollutants which will actually stick to the finish and potentially cause damage. Such things as brake dust, industrial fallout, bug deposits, tar residue, and many others. Some of these elements may be corrosive, and they will begin to destroy the clear coat and result in oxidation areas if not removed regularly by using a clay bar. Microscopic metal airborne debris (typically called rail dust) will embed into the finish, and will show up as minuscule rust coloured specs that are particularly simple to spot on white autos.

Overspray removal

Usual cleaning doesn’t always remove all of the contaminants on the surface area either. If you run your car in the very occasional touch-less carwash (do NOT use car washes with brushes or anything else that touches the surface…that’s another situation I will cover), you will observe that there is still a film of road muck still left. Over time that may build-up and the only way to eliminate it is by claying.By simply scrubbing the detailing clay up and down the surfaceof your car, it is going to basically trap these particles and contaminants leaving behind a clear, sleek finish.

Not only will claying prevent possible harm from some of these harsh components, it also provides for a sleek surface that allows your own wax to adhere a lot better. (If you are a new comer to clay, or maybe you clay often and thus already have a car in good condition, I would recommend working with a fine grade bar of clay from Clay Magic, Chemical Guys, or Clear Kote. The finer the clay, the less chance of marring the finish. The medium grade clay is used for more greatly contaminated autos (vehicles which have gone several years without claying), and it has a increased danger of marring the finish. It’s only recommended that you use medium grade clay if you are polishing afterwards.)

Overspray removal

As for clay lubes, there are plenty of choices out there. Optimum No Rinse is a great choice because it can be utilized for any wide selection of needs (speedy detailing, clay lube, no-rinse washes, cleaning on the inside of door jambs, etc). Two of my personal favorites when I have to have a truly slick lubricant are Dodo Juice Born Slippy clay lube or Optimum Quick Detailer and Gloss Enhancer. Tip: Take your clay bar and cut it up directly into Three or four equally sized pieces. You actually don’t wish to use one large bit because if you drop it on the ground, it needs to be discarded! You always require a handful of back-up pieces accessible to you.

Overspray removal

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